Ana Vetter, a young journeywoman worker, passed away far too soon while contributing to the expansion of the Spokane Tribe Casino Accident. Her death hindered the project. This unfortunate series of events was tragic. Sandi and Paul Vetter are devastated by the news, and the community is in disbelief. The catastrophe has sparked worries for the well-being of rebuilding workers. This blog addresses the tragic incident, remembers Ana Vetter, and emphasizes the need to ensure that construction sites are secure and risk-free environments to do one’s job.

Who is Ana Vetter?

Ana Vetter, a new hire on the expansion team for the Spokane Tribe Casino, was enthusiastic and dedicated to her job. She earned a solid reputation in the construction industry by consistently going above and beyond regarding productivity and safety. Ana, who aspired to a comfortable life, had just purchased a home in Nine Mile Falls and was planning her wedding. Her husband, their four dogs, and her passion for the outdoors helped propel her to fame.

Swinerton Construction: Seeking Answers

At the Spokane Tribe Casino, one person was found dead following an accident at this construction site.

According to a press release from this casino, chaplains, health workers, and service workers from tribal communities were on-site to help the casino’s staff. This accident took place on Tuesday at about 9:30 a.m. There is a hotel next to the casino. An investigation took place with the cooperation of the police. Their interrogation happened with the Spokane tribe, several locals, and tribal police, along with state and tribal agencies.

In a news conference, Javier De La Rosa, Spokane Tribe Casino Accident General, stated that “they received a call of an accident on a construction site”. “They are feeling sad to report that they have a deceased construction worker on the site.” Although he declined to share any further details regarding the accident. His conversation has given a hint that the investigation is ongoing to determine if anyone else was injured. According to a statement on the website of a construction company building the hotel, Swinerton said that a formwork collision resulted in the death of a subcontractor.

De La Rosa also wrote in a press release that “The family and workers who were on the site are at the forefront of our prayer and thought. He also confirmed that the department will continue to release information to the public about the involvement of multiple agencies.

When most ambulance crews and firefighters left the location around 10:10 a.m. On the other hand, Airway Heights Police were there, and Spokane County Sheriff’s chaplains arrived. In mid-morning, the medical examiner official from Spokane County was also there. Brad Richmond, Police Chief of Airway Heights Police, also joined De La Rosa in the news conference. He shared, “At this time, the circumstances of this situation are not clear. Although it is too early to speculate on what the main reason is for this accident, he said that “Safety is their top priority, and they will investigate properly about the issue and incident.”

Swinerton also wrote a statement that “their safety and management teams are on-site and presently working together with higher authorities to find out the exact cause.” The building company is cooperating with local law enforcement and OSHA as well, as they will investigate the situation. This project site will be closed until Thursday. Rick Bennett has also stated that he was walking towards the front door after finishing his job in Airway Heights at nearly 9:30 AM for his biohazard removal company. He was running a company game. Then he stated that he heard a shocking noise that was similar to the noise of an explosion. “It shocked the ground,” said Bennett.

As soon as the meeting was finished. Then, Bennett said, “he walked outside and saw a huge piece of construction equipment lying down on the ground. This piece of construction fell down on the west side of the site. The construction workers were peering over the top level of the ground.”

He also stated that this was the loudest thing he’d ever heard. It reminded him again and again to think about it. Not many people were at the casino that early in the morning.


The unfortunate event at the Spokane Tribe Casino Accident has cast a pall on the local construction business. The tragic murder of Ana Vetter serves as a sobering reminder of the precarious nature of seeking promotion in the workplace. This catastrophe must wake up industry stakeholders to work together to preserve transparent safety measures and open communication. We can honor Ana and prevent such tragedies by remembering her and her world-changing efforts.